Additional Study Material for Vet Students

Some might think that even the official study material for veterinary school curriculums is overwhelming and there is no need for additional study material. But that’s not quite true. There are many veterinary manuals and handbooks on specific topics that will give you quick information and make understanding the material a lot easier. Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful additional study books for veterinary students.

List of books

Handbook of Dermatologic Surgery

It’s not your typical veterinary book, as there are examples taken from human medicine, but you will learn a lot about cutting edge technology and aesthetic procedures used by modern-day surgeons. It’s easy to use and pocket-sized so you can take it anywhere and anytime. You can order your copy on the link bellow: 

Handbook of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine

This handbook is a great addition for final year student’s resources and top-notch clinicians. It will assist you in improving and optimizing you diagnostic, prognostic and treatment skills. The book will teach you how to improve the animal’s welfare and prolong their lives.

Pain Management in Veterinary Practice

Do you want to acknowledge how to easily recognize and manage pain in small, large and exotic animal species? Then this veterinary guide-book will provide information on how to strategically treat chronic, acute, maladaptive and adaptive pain in animals.

Handbook of Veterinary Pharmacology

Pharmacology is one of the hardest curriculums in veterinary school. This handbook is a concise and clear guide on the most commonly used drugs in veterinary medicine and will make your life a lot easier. It offers quick and practical access to information relating to specific drugs, interactions, basic principles and legal consideration.

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