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Veterinary books 
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This is our small corner on the internet where we will gather all the necessary study materials for veterinary students.

Along with our experience as vet students and research in the veterinary field we will create lists of veterinary books needed for each year of vet school, recommended veterinary books for studying, leisure books for vets and much more!

This blog is dedicated to everyone studying veterinary medicine and to those who are already veterinary professionals to widen their knowledge and maybe find some interesting book to read.

Pre-vet students, veterinary students, technicians, assistants, nurses, veterinarians and everyone else involved in the veterinary field is welcome to our Veterinary Book Club!

If you know any good sources of wisdom you would like to share, please drop us a line!

Have in mind that this is not an official veterinary library, our recommendations are based on our own experience, knowledge and research.

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