Examples of Great Veterinary Dentistry Books

Do you want to learn about veterinary dentistry? If so, we have examples of great veterinary dentistry books that you must read.

These are all veterinary dentistry books, and they cover everything from the journal of veterinary dentistry articles on advanced dental care to what’s new in feline oral health research.

Keep reading to explore our list of 16 of the best veterinary dentistry books and pick out your favorites.

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A Little Bit About The Profession of Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary dentistry is a branch of veterinary medicine that deals with the preservation, restoration, and health of the animal’s teeth.

Veterinary dentists are trained to treat dental diseases and prevent them by performing routine dental care such as tooth brushing, oral hygiene instruction, and providing good nutrition for their patients.

Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach
Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner
Product name
Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach
Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner
Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
Product name
Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
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Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach
Product name
Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach
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Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner
Product name
Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner
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16 of the Best Veterinary Dentistry Books You Must Read

Here is our list of 16 of the best veterinary dentistry books you must read that we think every veterinary dentist should know about.

Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach, 3rd Edition

This book is all you need to learn about veterinary dentistry. In this 3rd edition, there are revised chapters on general dental topics and a new chapter on orofacial pain in pets.

Topics covered include:

  • Oral surgery in small animals
  • Endodontics in dogs and cats
  • Anesthesia management in dentistry with various techniques used in both large and small animal dentistry (such as a laser)
  • Orthodontics
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment strategies

The layout of the text has been improved for easier reading, with better use of tables and figures to illustrate key points.

The book is an excellent reference text for veterinary technicians and vet students who want to learn more about veterinary dentistry information.

Readers who have bought this book say it has helped them learn a lot by skimming the relevant materials across the broad topics. They say the photos are great and highly recommend the book.

Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice 2nd Edition

Wiggs’s Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice, Second Edition is your new go-to guide for all things veterinary dentistry.

The book is packed with color images throughout to help you better understand critical topics such as how teeth form in young animals or dental material temptations like chocolate chips that could put a pet at risk of tooth loss.

This edition also covers advanced veterinary dentistry techniques, including root canal treatments and endodontics, which are necessary procedures for dental care on pets.

Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry is an invaluable resource for veterinary technicians and those who want to learn more about small animals.

An Amazon customer says she has both editions of the book (first and second). She finds it an invaluable reference for veterinary technicians, vet students, and anyone interested in anything relating to veterinary dentistry. 

Visual Atlas of Dental Pathologies in Dogs Hardcover – January 1, 2015

A dog’s dental health is essential to keep them healthy and happy. A few trouble spots might be difficult for a vet or anyone else to identify, diagnose, and treat efficiently without the proper tools or knowledge of what they are looking at. This book will give you all that information.

With nearly 400 high-quality images, diagnostic descriptions, and clear anatomical illustrations of the most common dental pathologies in dogs today, this book will help you figure out why your pup is barking or how to prevent future problems.

This veterinary dentistry book is an invaluable resource for veterinary dentists, students, researchers, and anyone interested in dental health for dogs.

4BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry and Oral Surgery (BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association)

This is the most recent and comprehensive book about veterinary dentistry. It’s an essential reference for all canine and feline dental surgeons, technicians, nurses, laboratory staff, trainees in veterinary dentistry, or those considering training in this area.

The new edition includes step-by-step operative techniques with detailed full-color photographs that will help readers develop their dental knowledge, including the process for taking radiographs and new illustrations on developmental disorders or neoplasia.

New content includes tooth extraction instruction which has never been included before while still retaining the accessibility from earlier versions.

A reader who’s a visual learner finds the book a better place to start and develop an excellent veterinary dentistry foundation.

Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner 2nd Edition

This book is a practical and informative guide to all aspects of general practice dentistry.

Penned by a world authority writer on small animal dentistry, this bestselling book provides an essential consulting room companion for veterinary practitioners dealing with dental problems in small animals.

This edition is updated with current information from international conferences and research studies to provide a thorough examination of advanced veterinary dentistry in one volume.

Topics covered include:

  • Common diseases in cats and dogs (though also covers dental disorders in rodents and lagomorphs as these are becoming popular pets).
  • Risks associated with various procedures and how to combat them.

The informative nature of this veterinary book also includes information on the diagnosis of less-known diseases where a specialist generally gives treatment—but still requires an understanding from the doctor that identifies problems with tissues involved.

It’s an excellent resource for the general veterinary technician.

Reviewers say this book is helpful and clinically applicable. They find the procedures easy-to-follow and understand and photos excellent to put in practical use.

Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses 2nd Edition

This book brings together information on canine, feline, and exotic animal dentistry.

The new edition includes brand-new information in digital radiology. It also features updated protocols and improved images throughout the text to offer complete coverage when it comes to dental treatment for dogs, cats, or other small pets.

Chapters include extensive details from anesthesia through dental cleaning techniques with detailed explanations covering every stage along the way—including specialized procedures like root canal therapy (for canines).

Other chapters include exotic dentistry, equipment needs and maintenance, and common diseases and treatment.

The layout of the text is clinically applicable, making it an invaluable resource for any veterinary student, nurse, or veterinary technician. 

The book has a positive global rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses 1st Edition

This first edition of Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is a comprehensive, step-by-step resource covering all aspects of canine, feline, and exotic animal dentistry.

It includes procedures on the oral exam and anesthesia. The book has an in-depth explanation of dental anatomy that will be helpful to those just beginning their career field or looking to move up the ladder quickly.

Common diseases are addressed alongside more difficult terminology like “radiology” so you can build your knowledge base without any additional effort.

The illustrations throughout this guide make it easy enough for anyone who wants to learn about veterinary dentistry at home while still being educational if used by someone already within the industry.

While most vet students, nurses, and technicians who’ve used this book say it’s an excellent, well-written text with clear photos and explanations, a section of the readers say it’s too basic for technicians.

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Dentistry 2nd Edition

This book is a comprehensive guide to dental procedures used for small animals. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to perform the most common dental procedures, using simple language and clear illustrations.

The second edition of this book offers the reader a more comprehensive look at essential information, written concisely and in an easy-to-read format.

The book covers exotic pets, oral pain management, home care, the business of dentistry, and the technician in dentistry.

With updates from recent developments, Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion book is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn about dentistry or even just brush up on what they already know.

Veterinary dentists find this book worth every penny in your pocket. They say it’s an excellent piece for veterinary dentistry consultations and have rated it 5 out of 5 on Amazon.

Veterinary Periodontology 1st Edition

Suppose you are interested in learning the basics of canine and feline periodontics and the latest clinical management techniques for this common dental disease. In that case, the Veterinary Periodontology book is perfect for you.

It covers everything from the etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal disease to the latest treatments, all in a convenient, clinically-oriented format.

In addition to veterinary information on how to approach this common dental diseases, this book provides detailed step-by-step procedures for basic and advanced therapies.

The book contains nearly 850 clinical photographs illustrating the conditions and procedures being described.

Reviewers say this book is a comprehensive X-ray reference with excellent illustrations and images throughout the text.

Veterinary Dentistry for the Nurse and Technician 1st Edition

The Veterinary Dentistry for the Nurse and Technician 1st Edition is a state-of-the-art resource for veterinary nurses and technicians.

The book provides veterinary information and skills needed to effectively perform standard dental procedures for small animal patients, including anesthesia, instrumentation, and post-operative care.

The author of this comprehensive veterinary dentistry book offers clear instructions for performing procedures challenging to learn from a textbook, such as a dog’s extraction.

Technicians say this book has been an excellent resource for them with easy to understand text format and detailed colored images. They say it’s a fantastic learning aid packed with useful veterinary information for all things dental.

Practical Veterinary Dental Radiography 1st Edition

Practical Veterinary Dental Radiography is a comprehensive guide with over 1,000 clear, high-quality images covering everything relating to veterinary dental radiography.

The book covers crucial areas in veterinary dentistry that include radiograph processing, teeth pathology, and veterinary equipment. It also features radiographic interpretation in seven parts—from normal radiographic anatomy to endodontic disease.

This book is a great reference guide for vet technicians and vet students.

Reviewers say Practical Veterinary Dental Radiography 1st Edition is an excellent, comprehensive veterinary dental X-ray book.

Small Animal Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Disease: A Colour Handbook (Veterinary Color Handbook Series)

From dental health to oral disease, this handbook is a helpful resource that goes over the progression of common small animal lesions.

With 400 illustrations―including color photos, imaging, and diagrams, veterinarians find this color handbook easy to navigate, especially when diagnosing oral diseases.

The revised text in the new edition offers real-life insights into what dealing with patient cases every day looks like.

Small Animal Dental, Oral, and Maxillofacial Disease Color Handbook is an excellent resource for veterinary technicians and students.

Reviews by more advanced veterinary professionals make it your best comprehensive reference so you can get on top of pediatric dentistry or learn about how animals choke on kibble pieces.

Atlas of Dentistry in Cats and Dogs 1st Edition

This book by Dr. Markus Eickhoff, a veterinarian dentist with over 20 years of practice in advanced canine and feline dentistry, presents over 1500 images that allow practitioners to follow instructions in detail.

The book provides detailed step-by-step instructions for performing the dental treatment and common dental procedures such as placement of fillings or extraction of root fragments in cats and dogs.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Tooth extraction
  • Retrieving root fragments
  • Composite fillings
  • Vital pulpotomy
  • Apicoectomy
  • Attaching Brackets

The focus on small animals allows detailed presentation on conventional treatment options. The book is the ideal resource for vet practitioners and vet students.

Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry

Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry is a comprehensive reference to oral pathology and dental therapy in captive and wild animals, from the most common to the rarest.

It offers a unique, state-of-the-art approach to diagnosing oral disease and dental care in this population, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Written by internationally recognized veterinary clinicians, this book includes a groundbreaking resource for the dental care of exotic animals.

The text is enhanced with illustrations, case studies, practical tips for clinical practice, and detailed summary tables that make it easier to find information fast.

It will be invaluable to all veterinarians in practice who treat small animals and exotic species.

Atlas of Dental Radiography in Dogs and Cats 1st Edition

This book is packed with hundreds of clear, high-quality radiographic images, which are well-labeled to identify normal and abnormal rads accurately. It’s a valuable atlas that shows you how to correlate common dental problems with radiographic symptoms.

The book is an invaluable resource for veterinary professionals and technicians that helps them take high-quality radiographs, interpret, and make sound treatment decisions.

The text and illustrations are presented in a technical but clear format. Veterinarians who’ve read it say it’s comprehensive, well written, and covers everything about dental radiography in dogs and cats. Other reviewers say the book fails to guide on what treatment is allowed in what situation.

BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging 1st Edition

This book is an excellent resource for veterinary professionals who treat rabbits. It focuses on critical surgical and dental procedures that are common in rabbits.

BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging 1st Edition covers anesthesia, analgesia, postoperative and veterinary hospital care, radiographic techniques and interpretation, ultrasonography, CT, and MRI.

The book illustrates step-by-step operative techniques for surgical and dental procedures in an easy-to-understand format for anyone interested in rabbit surgery.

Reviewers find it an excellent guide for vet students, nurses, and anyone interested in rabbit welfare. They say it’s a worthwhile purchase written by the world’s top veterinary authors. Other readers are disappointed because it’s available only in English.

The Final Word

Veterinary dentistry is a growing field in veterinary medicine. As such, there are many books on the subject which have been around for a long time. All books we’ve shared here are good resources for new vets, student vets, or anyone looking to learn more about the field. Grab one today.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach
Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach
Holmstrom DVM, Steven E. (Author); English (Publication Language); 464 Pages – 07/31/2018 (Publication Date) – Saunders (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 2
BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry and...
BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry and…
English (Publication Language); 392 Pages – 10/08/2018 (Publication Date) – BSAVA (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 3
Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and...
Wiggs’s Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and…
Hardcover Book; English (Publication Language); 544 Pages – 03/06/2019 (Publication Date) – Wiley-Blackwell (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 4
Companion Animal Dentistry for Veterinary...
Companion Animal Dentistry for Veterinary…
Mary L. Berg, BS, LATG, RCT, VTS (Author); English (Publication Language); 310 Pages – 11/27/2020 (Publication Date) – Top Hat Monocle (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 5
Veterinary Dentistry for the Nurse and Technician
Veterinary Dentistry for the Nurse and Technician
Used Book in Good Condition; Gorrel BSc MA VetMB DDS MRCVS HonFAVD DEVDC, Cecilia (Author)

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