16 Best Dog Training Books

Whether you are a new owner or desire to refresh your training tricks, here is a compilation of the best dog training books for a well-behaved dog.

Introducing a new puppy into your home is a fun and exciting time filled with hugs, cuddles, and kisses. But raising the puppy into a full-grown dog may not be as easy as you think. It requires additional skills to curb issues such as canine care and housebreaking. 

Furthermore, teaching your dog basic commands can be expensive.

However, proper training will help in creating good behavior and make him or her a better companion. If you struggle with obedience and potty training issues, a dog training manual will do you good. 

Benefits of Training Your Dog

Getting a new dog is an excellent start for keeping pets. Being a man’s best friend, the pup comes with many challenges. With all the excitement around the house, having the best dog training books is a must. Training your furry friend is beneficial to its health, your sanity, and also the people around you. 

On top of that, training a dog is safer for your home as it will instill good manners. Just like a kid, your pet will know what is acceptable and what’s not. Additionally, it will be in safer hands since it will not indulge in dangerous activities. The better part is a long-lasting relationship established between the two of you.

16 of the Best Training Books on Amazon

Dogs don’t come with instructional materials; that’s why training manuals are plentiful on the market. With the available, easy methods, it will save your dog’s life! The following training books will help you with teaching tricks to create a strong bond with your pup. 

Check out 16 of the best positive dog training books found on Amazon. Let’s get started!

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution; The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet With Love

Amazon Best Seller

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a book written by a well-known trainer called Zak George’s. Apart from training dogs and being featured in Animal Planet, he is also a Youtube star who creates videos to help owners raise their dogs with care and love.  

His book Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a must-read as it digs into unique ways and tricks full of games to raising a perfect pup. Besides being among the best dog and puppy guides, it is the best seller packed with almost everything about keeping and handling your tiny bundle of fluff.

Moreover, the book provides a whole new take on how-tos rather than technical training. It is our best pick because it’s suited for everyone and focuses on almost every topic of canine care to make sure you choose the right dog. The book will help you make a long-term friend with numerous and fun training tricks like exercising a puppy.

The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition)

Suppose you are stuck on deciding what training book to bring home, consider The Art of Raising a Puppy written by Monks of the New Skete. The most brilliant and outstanding thing about the dog-loving monks is the experience gained from raising various breeds, such as German shepherds. 

This book is essential for understanding canine behavior, dog training, and the human–animal bond. It is, indeed, an excellent manual for people trying to raise puppies in urban areas. The classic dog training book comprises 352 pages with content about how to bring up a puppy. 

Furthermore, it aims to offer tips on canine care and health. It is an excellent book for novices as it contains adequate information about training the little guys. It also talks about selecting puppies, developing stages, and bringing them home for the first time. 

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Pup Off Right

Raising a puppy requires total commitment and patience, but this has been made easier by author Sophia A. Yin. She is a well-respected veterinary behaviorist with a step-by-step guide to a shorter duration of training the best dogs ever.

If you have recently rescued or bought a puppy and want to bring it into public spaces; but have little or no training, go for the Perfect Puppy in 7 Days book. It is a simple renowned guide that focuses on life skills, socialization, and potty training. Moreover, the seven-day program will give treats to assist in developing a solid bond between you and your little one.

Her training manual also emphasizes communication and companionship. It also helps new puppy parents to be good trainers rather than just following the tricks provided. She uses pictures and how-to’s to help your little friend start on the positive side. 

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

Introducing a new puppy into your life is not easy, as the process of raising it can be daunting. How to Raise a Perfect Dog is among the best dog training books written by the best-selling author Cesar Milan. The book is a must-have for any upcoming or current puppy parent.

He is one of the most well-known dog trainers worldwide who employ patient techniques while training. Cesar Milan books walk you through friendly ways to introduce puppies using 400 photos while building bonds. He also emphasizes and gives you adequate information on natural puppy behavior during the first days.

Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5 Week Program Using the Power of Positive

Larry Kay (a Los Angeles award-winning writer) and Dawn Sylvia Staciewicz’s, Training the Best Dog Ever focuses on love and kindness. As most dogs are known to be loving and friendly, these authors emphasize positive reinforcement other than punishment.

The most impressive thing about Dawn Sylvia is a record of using the technique on Former USA president Barack Obama’s dogs. The five-week program is scheduled for almost 20 minutes every day. Moreover, the training rebukes reprimands but encourages hand feeding, potty training, and correction, among others.

The Power of Positive Dog Training

Dogs are sensitive creatures. They behave differently under different circumstances. However, positive training can bring everything into a whole new perspective. According to Pat Millers, many first-time dog owners find it hard to master the clicker method and communicate with their new friends.

As one of the best dog training books, it will help you understand your dog’s body language and attend to his or her needs. What’s more, The Power of Positive Dog Training will help you develop a positive relationship with your four-legged buddy.

You will also grasp better training tools and terms to ensure you have a fun life with your dog. Moreover, your little pet will evade bad behavior and adapt to advanced activities through positive reinforcement.

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge. And Bond with Your Dog

If you want a guide on acquiring a new behavior through baby steps, consider 101 Dog Tricks. Written by Kyra Sundance, it is New York Times bestseller. While there are different dog books, this is best handy for new and existing pup parents.

It has a lot of benefits for you and your little friend. Sundance explains different ways to create a strong bond with your dog through color photos. The techniques used will make your dog develop and enjoy the activities rather than develop the fear of conducting an unacceptable behavior.

Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend

Amazon Best Seller

Almost every child loves to be around dogs. However, none of them want to take care of them. But with Vanessa Estrada Marin’s Dog Training for Kids, your child will love to take charge of the new friend. This guide is among the best dog training books for kids. Furthermore, it is easy to understand and digests instructions to help your kid be responsible. 

Among the best dog training book for kids, Dog Training for Kids has safety tips listed in easy kids’ language. The author also focuses on the location of pet owners like those located in the city with inadequate space. 

Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dogs in 7 Days

About 40% of dog owners take days and months to train their dogs. Luckily Dog Lessons will assist you in preparing your new family member in as little as a week. The celebrity and animal trainer’s guide will also help your dog undergo a miraculous transformation. 

The book has practical steps to guide you in tackling behavioral issues such as barking and chewing, among others.

The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever

This guide will teach you a step-by-step to 118 tricks and stunts. It employs photos to teach your pet how to showcase its talents and capabilities.

Moreover, you will be able to know the cool and exciting tricks and stunts that your dog likes to engage in. The bond between you and your dog will be strengthened, it will burn excess energy and identify new and existing challenges. 

Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps: Everything You Need to Know to Raise the Perfect Dog

It’s essential to come up with the perfect version of your new friend. But you can only achieve this by employing easy tactics that will make you understand each step from your puppy’s perspective. Mark Van Wye tries to explain simple steps through his book, Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps while bonding and having fun. 

In this puppy training guide, you’ll get to learn everything about your puppy’s behavior and body language. You won’t have a hard time realizing that your puppy can bark, chew and mysteriously get into many activities. 

Moreover, you will meet tips on bringing your puppy home, leashing walk, and how to prevent food aggression, among others. Therefore this is a perfect book for your dog if it’s brilliant and not picky on new tricks.

Zak George’s Guide to a Well Behaved Dog: Proven Solution to the Most Common Problems For All Ages, Breeds, and Mixes

Once again, Zak Georges’s guide to a well-behaved dog is a book that contains solutions to common training problems like age, hybrid, and thorough bred. He makes training look so easy! 

Moreover, he has a lot of experience with handling dogs using different approaches. George’s book has a variety of solutions that has helped millions of people in the world. Zak’s puppy training guide and tactics prove that it’s never too late to correct behavioral issues. 

He also employs science-based techniques to help you with common training problems. If you are struggling with common training issues, the book will get you on the journey of solving them. 

Total Recall: Perfect Response Training for Puppies and Adult Dogs

There are several books about dogs today; Pippa Mattinson got you covered with the perfect response training for adult dogs and puppies. She has a lot of training techniques to share with you. In this book, you will also learn how to build a recall based on positive methods. 

Additionally, it explains how one can analyze the dog’s behavior and why they behave that way. You will also get to know how to reward your dog so that they can keep on improving.

Cesar’s Rule: Your way to train a Well Trained Dog

It is the best-selling book in the market filled with practical advice. Cesar’s book addresses different ways of training a well-behaved dog, developing effective communication, the importance of balance, and honoring your dog’s instincts.

Additional techniques used are clicket and positive reinforcement. Moreover, it is among the best training manual for basic commands such as stand, sit, stay, and much more. 

The Puppy Primer 

If you want to have a polite, happy, and best friend, consider the updated version of The Puppy Primer. This is a perfect choice for new dog owners and training classes from the famous Patricia B. McConnell.

She covers straightforward and easy tricks for fun and positive training methods. Apart from being used in the USA, it covers achieving the best behavior and crate training. Suitable for new puppies, it also contains methods such as games and ways to find problems. 

Everything You Need to Know about E-Collar Training

With the current technology, dogs can be trained using collar remote or e-collar. While they learn everything from us, we need to be cautious around them. Larry Krohn is ready to help with Everything You Need to Know About E-Collar Training. Moreover, the guide shows you how to incorporate this method into already existing one’s.

Dogs learn from their owners; that’s why this technique will help you understand and gain confidence in using it. The more you use the e-collar, the more chances of reminding your dog to perform a specific task.

Bottom Line

Dog’s are important pets as they portray good companion skills. However, they require training to help develop good behavior. Moreover, teaching your dog basic commands such as sit is a lifesaver. If you have just got a new puppy, consider facts from the training books mentioned earlier for a well-mannered dog. 

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